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Join Kenzie Barker on their musical journey of self-discovery and professional development. This portfolio showcases the creativity, skills, and experience Kenzie Barker continues to develop as they pursue their music career. Browse their latest projects and discover more about their practical and theoretical approach.

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It all started when I was 11! my first time listening to Eminem and Hip-Hop. My first time finding out what really goes into creating music and the passion and creativeness that needs to be expressed. This is when my passion for music and anything to do with sound started.
Fast forward to year 10 at secondary school. Having the chance to create my own music, fully understanding the technique that is used to create such amazing pieces.
Up to now! approaching the end of my music production course. Now learning extraordinary things all about: creating music, live sound, music for film, tv and games and sound design. Things that I did not comprehend, that led me to having a passion for all of what was listed above. Slowly creating a portfolio that hopefully will find me success down the line.




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